OSHE Policy & Objectives


Company Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Policy

Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd., being as a laboratory and testing company, are fully committed to our staff, clients and industry to provide our best service. As a service provider, we certainly emphasized that our safety, health and environment policy is compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Atomic Energy Licensing Board.

In line with our motto Quality and Expertise, we hereby committed to ensure that:


  1. "Safety First” at all times shall be utmost bear in mind of all employees of Nusatek.
  2. A safe and healthy work environment for all staffs and others.
  3. Compliance to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, standards and practices.
  4. Establishment of reports, notification of safety and health violation, non-compliances items, and deficiencies.
  5. Requisition for Special Safety Investigation for reported incidents and step taken for corrective and preventive measures and notification of findings.
  6. Allocate adequate facilities, training equipment, effective distributing of information and knowledge to all staffs and clients.
  7. Quick response to any request for inspection or evaluation of unsafe act and unsafe conditions which is believed may constitute a safety and health hazard.
  8. Demonstrate our commitment to occupational safety, health and environmental matter by putting OSHE as the important agenda of all business meeting, review and revised work practices and procedures regularly.


"Reasonable Care & Safety First leads to safer and healthier work environment"



Annual OSHE Objectives & Targets

  • Continuously providing necessary training to employees to ensure adequacy in their safety, health and environmental awareness, skill, knowledge and competency.
  • Continuously provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and develop a culture which encourages employees to take personal responsibility for OSHE and aim to maintain zero accidents and injuries in our working activities.
  • The company OSHE policy is to ensure consistent adherence to proper practices and procedures towards achieving excellent safety, health and environmental performance are successfully implemented; and to ensure OSHE considerations are integrated into all activities.
  • Comply with all applicable and relevant laws and regulations and any legal requirements.
  • Continuously providing the necessary and relevant personnel protective equipment to employees.