Material Division


Material Testing Division is among the pioneer Material Laboratory in Malaysia and has been established since 1989 with specialization in metal and alloy testing. Our laboratory testing has been accredited to MS ISO/IEC 17025 since 2012 and continues to provide a wide range of mechanical and metallurgical testing services catering to the needs of various industries. We also hold a PETRONAS License for Material Testing services, Identification and Failure Analysis to comply with requirements for any PETRONAS Projects and International Oil and Gas companies who require a PETRONAS License as their prerequisite. 

With a wealth of experience over the years and an excellent track record, we provide our services locally and regionally, onshore and offshore, to a various range of sectors including civil industries, oil and gas, petrochemical refineries and facilities, power generation, fabrication yards and workshops.

In line with the awareness for quality and reliability among all industries worldwide nowadays, Material and Metallurgical services are the preferred choice among various industries who require product reliability and durability.  



Why Material Testing and Metallurgical Testing ?

Material testing or destructive testing is often required to ensure that products and their component parts can perform their intended use and endure their expected life. As your materials testing laboratory, Nusatek can help you in selecting and verifying materials, identifying material properties, corrosion, investigating product failures, and meeting customer or industry requirements for material certification.

The testing results shall give an impact to the basic theoretical strength of material, application and improvement of new materials analysis.



Our Manpower

We are proud of our team of dedicated engineers and competent technicians who are trained to assist and attend to customer inquiries and propose our range of comprehensive testing methods and give solutions to suit your standards and specifications.

Our well trained technical experts will perform testing based on our operating procedures and practices which conform to international standards, for example, ASTM, ASME, ANSI, API standards and specifications. 

Our team of engineers, technicians and support staff are highly committed to working efficiently in ensuring customer convenience and fast turnaround times are achieved.



Our Capabilities

With an extensive range of specialized equipment and analytical instruments, our Material Laboratory provides comprehensive testing services and is a one stop centre that covers the essential range of Destructive Testing (DT) on metal products. Typical product tests are for Welding Procedure, Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Welder Qualification Test (WQT), Raw Material, Casting, Forging, Finish Product (Bolt & Nut) and much more.



Why choose us as your Material Laboratory testing provider ?

  • Certified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory;
  • PETRONAS License holder;
  • Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority;
  • Prompt response towards customer inquiries;
  • Fast action towards client needs and fast turnaround time;
  • Professional Engineers and competent manpower;
  • Wide range of Material and Metallurgical Services offered;
  • Well established with proven track record since 1989



Our commitment

Our dedicated team are committed to be your reliable partner to ensure that testing for your product properties, strength and durability conform to International Standards, Specifications and Requirements.