Telebrinell Hardness Tester

Telebrineller testers is one of the portable hardness testers which determine the hardness by comparison of steel ball indentation in a standardized bar with indentation in the test material. The standardized bars are consumable, and is selected close to the hardness of the test material. The method is relatively straightforward and the system is proven based on metallurgical knowledge. The method of hardness testing is very practical for on-site testing due to its light weight, thus easily transported to any location.

Besides that, the tester is very simple and easy to operate. The operation is done with a hammer blow and the indentation on the standard bar and the test pieces or component is measured. The result is determine by referring the measurement to the basic comparison equation or table of values.

Advantages of Telebrinell Hardness Tester:

  • Light weight, easily transported to any location
  • Weatherproof, designed for field used in all weather
  • Very portable and accurate measurement
  • The test bars (which are the core of the system) are verified to a uniform hardness where the accuracy of the verifying equipment used is certified traceable to the National Standards Institute.