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Staff Directory

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Material Division

  • Sarwani B. Mahpoz

    Sr Head Division

  • Salina Bt Saidin

    Sr. Material Engineer

  • Norhidayah Bt Saidon

    Material Engineer



Metrology Division

  • Hairul Jefni Hisham b. Haironi

    Division Manager

  • Muhammad Asyraf B. Norudin

    Metrology Engineer

  • Dzul Nurhafizah Bt Zakaria

    Metrology Engineer



NDT Division

  • Zaidi B. Ali

    Operations Manager

  • Arbaen B. Paimin

    Head Division

  • Mohd Zaffri B. Arohad

    NDT Engineer

  • Mohamad Nazib b. Effandi

    Sr. NDT Supervisor

F & A / Sales & Marketing Division

  • Norhayati Bt Hashim

    Office Manager

  • Norashid B. Tohid


  • KB Yeoh

    Business Manager

  • Zaitun Bt Idris

    Sales Executive

  • Wan Zuraida Bt Wan Mohamed

    Sr. HR Executive

  • Norlaila Bt Harun

    F & A Manager

  • Ruzi Bt Mohd Idris

    Credit Control Executive

  • Noor Hidayah bt. Burhanudin

    Account Officer

  • Azizul B. Ahmad

    Sr Admin Assistant

  • Izzati Husna Bt Mohammad


Quality, Safety & Compliance Division

  • Nazaruddin Rahmat Muji B. Mohamed Razali

    QSC Manger

  • Aleefah Bt Hosni


  • Nurul Fathihah bt. Sulong

    QSC Engineer

  • Siti Norsyuhada bt. Abdul Manan

    QSC Engineer














  • Nazaruddin Rahmat Muji b. Mohamed Razali


  • Asyraf Bin Arshad

    NDT Engineer

  • Muhammad Norhafifie Hafiz b. Mohssin

    NDT Engineer

  • Nur Hidayah Wahid

    Operation Executive

  • Siti Shaharida Abdullah

    NDT Coordinator

  • Zakiah Abdul Hadi

    Account Assistant

  • Noor Diana Burhanudin

    Account Assistant