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  • What is Non-Destructive Testing?


    Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a technique used to diagnose defect/discontinuities of component and system without affecting the integrity and serviceability of the parts being tested. 



  • Which industries do you carry-out work for?

    We provide NDT Services in a diverse range of industry sector, either onshore or offshore, including oil and gas, petrochemical refineries and facilities, power generation, fabrication yard and workshop, civil construction, automotive and transportation


  • Can you perform on-site testing?

    YES, we do perform on-site testing, either at your site or your vendor’s location. Do contact us with details to schedule the testing


  • Can we use more than one NDT methods on the same test sample?

    YES, because the previous method does not destructive the test sample. Normally our customer use initial inspection to identify the defects present, and the second inspection is to confirm the initial findings


  • What is the notification time required prior to job execution?

    For proper preparation, we required at least 2 days notification prior to job execution for onshore and at least 5 days for offshore jobs



  • Does Nusatek carry out work on short notice?

    YES, and that is what differentiates us from other competitors. However, it is also subject to the availability of our manpower and equipment.


  • Which non-destructive testing method is the best?

    There is NO “best” method. Each method is designed for finding a certain type of defects where other testing method cannot achieve results


  • How long does it take to test the products?

    In determining the duration of the testing, there are few factors to take in consideration. The important factor is surface preparation, sizes of the items to be inspected and total point of interest.


  • Is your manpower certified and competent to conduct the testing?

    Our manpower are well qualified and certified to specific institution bodies, such as ASNT, ACCP, PCN, MLVK, CSWIP. They are trained to carry out duties with full ethic and uphold their professionalism in ensuring the quality control and quality assurance being practice


  • How soon can I expect results from the non-destructive testing?

    Technically, the results of the testing are known right after the testing, but the official report will be issued by us within 3 working days


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