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  • What type of instruments do you calibrate?

    We calibrate a wide variety of instruments across a number of disciplines including mass, weight, electrical, temperature, pressure, dimensional, torque, and many more.

    For your convenience, we also perform many calibrations on-site at your facility. You may also bring or send your equipment into our laboratory


  • Is there any difference between ‘accuracy’ and uncertainty?

    YES . The words accuracy and uncertainty are sometimes interchanged but the difference between them is significant, and, in many applications it is vital.

    Definition of Accuracy is ' … the closeness of the agreement between the result of a measurement and a true value of the measurand ' (for example; length). The definition also notes that ' accuracy is a qualitative concept ' - it can be high or low for example but strictly is should not be used quantitatively.

    Uncertainty of measurement acknowledges that no measurements can be perfect and is defined as a ' parameter, associated with the result of a measurement, which characterizes the

  • How long is the turnaround time for my instrument calibration?

    Our policy for calibration turnaround is 5 working days. Less than 5 days is as per request by our end user. This is also dependent on the type of instruments being calibrated


  • Is your laboratory traceable to any National standard?

    Our reference instruments and reference materials are either traceable to the Malaysian National Metrology Laboratory (NML) or equivalent international Metrology Laboratories (NIST, NMI)


  • How can I check whether Nusatek can calibrate my instrument?

    You may contact our Marketing & Sales representative for further information. However, we are glad to help you with that as well. You may also has to identify your instrument by the maker and the model to get the range and cross check it with our capability at


  • What should I do if I have lost my certificate of calibration?

    Customers can contact us and we will reprint it for you as we have a system for data records that also comply with ISO 17025 requirements. However, certain fees will be charged on customer for the cost of reprinting the certificate.


  • What any good dimensional metrology reference that I can refer?

    In dimensional scope for example, we mostly follow the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). We also can refer British Standard (BS). There are various sources of Standards depending on types of instruments and also industry specifications. Contact us for further advice.


  • How long is the calibration interval that is suitable for my instrument?

    By referring to the frequency of use for that instrument, you have to decide the suitable calibration interval. By common practice we will advise for 1 year calibration interval


  • Is calibration for my instrument important?

    The decision is on how critical the measurement that you will use the instrument. If small error can give major effects to the whole system, then it is critical that calibration for your instrument must be made.


  • What are uncertainties of measurement?

    Uncertainties of measurement define the technical capability of a laboratory and the lower uncertainty the better measurement would be.


  • If I am not satisfied and have doubts with your calibration practices, what can I do?

    We guarantee our services are compliant with ISO 17025 requirements including our procedures and method. We also encourage our end user to audit us to gain more confidence in us.


  • What is different direct and indirect measurement? Please give an example.

    'Direct measurement' refers to measuring exactly the thing that you are looking to measure, while 'indirect measurement' means that you're measuring something by measuring something else.

    For example of direct measurement is weight, distance, and so on. Therefore, if I want to measure how long a piece of wood, I just measure it.

    However, let say if I want to find out about something that is a little harder to measure like how quickly the wind is blowing. I may not be able to measure the wind's actual speed, but if I had a windmill, I could measure how much

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