Material Division


  • What is the scope of testing conducted by the Material Division Laboratory?

    Mainly, we have capabilities to conduct these testing at our facilities:

    • Mechanical Test;
    • Tensile Test;
    • Bend Test;
    • Charpy Impact Test;
    • Nick Break / Fracture Test;
    • Hardness Test;
    • Flattening / Flaring Test;
    • Shear Strength Test;
    • Macro / Micro Etch Examination;
    • Material Composition Analysis;
    • Corrosion Test;
    • Metallography Examination;
    • Failure Analysis.

    Please refer to Our Services > Material Division for more details.


  • Do you conduct testing at customer’s place, or worksite?

    YES, we do conduct On-Site Material Inspection at customer’s place or worksite, for selected tests such as:

    • Positive Material Identification (PMI);
    • In-situ Metallography Replica Test;
    • Ferrite Count Measurement (Ferritescope Test);
    • MIC 10 Hardness Test;
    • Ferricyanide Test;
    • Arc Strike Repair;
    • Acid Swabbing.


  • What are the relevant details of information do you need prior to testing?

    Customers are required to fill-up the details in the Consignment Note Form through
    • Online at Contact Us or
    • Walk-in to the laboratory
  • Does Nusatek provide service for collection of the test sample from the customer’s premises for testing?

    YES, depending on the size of the test sample and certain amount of cost will be charged to the customer


  • How long is the period for retention of samples at Nusatek before and after testing?

    14 days after receiving the test sample.


  • Who is the Person-in-Charge for Testing and Preparing Report?

    1. Testing:

    • Mr. Sarwani (Head Of Material Division);
    • Mr. Fauzi (Material Engineer);
    • Ms. Salina (Sr. Material Engineer);
    • Ms. Norhidayah (Material Engineer).


    2. Reporting:

    • Ms. Syazwani (Material Engineer); or

    Please refer to Contact Us > Staff Directory for more details.


  • When witnessing a test, what is safety attire shall be worn? Does Nusatek provide the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during witnessing?

    1. Customer/third party/visitor who witness the testing at Nusatek Material’s Laboratory shall wear:

    • Safety shoes (MANDATORY);
    • Safety glasses (optional);
    • Ear plug (optional).


    2. Nusatek DOES NOT provide PPE for customer/third party/visitor. Therefore, customer/third party/visitor WITHOUT proper PPE CANNOT enter the Testing Laboratory and shall remain at the Discussion Area ONLY.


  • What are the estimated time / time frame for completion of test sample preparation, testing and reporting?

    • Sample preparation: 3 working days max. (Depends on the quantity of test samples);
    • Testing: 3 working days max. after receiving sample with complete details;
    • Original report: 3 working days max. after testing.


  • What method of releasing the test reports are available?

    • Self collect at Nusatek;
    • Courier;
    • Absolutely NO self delivery to customer.


  • Does Nusatek produce additional testing reports?



  • Can we collect back the tested test sample and the remains of the test sample which have been delivered to you?

    YES. However, we will keep the tested and remaining test samples in our premises for 14 days ONLY if customer does not want to collect them back. Any claims on them after the expiration time WILL NOT be entertained anymore.


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