History & Evolution of Nusatek




NUSATEK is the name that Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is commonly recognised and referred to.

The name of ‘Nusantara’ was chosen by Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Razali bin Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff to symbolize his vision to expand his business and knowledge across the Nusantara. The word ‘Nusantara’ itself means ‘amongst islands’, of which Nusa means ‘island’ and ‘antara’ means being amongst. In modern usage, Nusantara is synonymous and often interchangeable with the Malay Archipelago or Malay realm which includes other neighbouring countries within the Malay Archipelago i.e Singapore, Brunei and Philippines.

With this aspiration and desire to extend his business in the Testing & Inspection industry, Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Razali bin Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff incorporated ‘Nusantara’ into his company’s name which symbolized his dream of making the company renowned in Malaysia and the surrounding region.

This ambition and dream are also signified and illustrated by a very dynamic logo that was also inspired by him. The maroon and gray colours chosen by Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Razali bin Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff have very significant meaning to him.

The Maroon colour, a dark red, signifies controlled and thoughtful action. The colour symbolizes the strength, courage, driving and stimulating determination of our people in bringing the company consistently on the right path.

The Grey colour of the orbit represents the colour of compromise - Grey is the colour of intellect, knowledge and wisdom. Its elegant and futuristic colour portrays a stable base for NUSATEK innovation which can contribute new and positive energy into its development cycle.

Today, after more than two decades, with the spirit of “NUSATEKinstilled in every one of us and with our collective experiences along the journey, we look forward to be of service and continue being your first and preferred testing and inspection company for all our valued customers and the industry.






NUSATEK is a distinguished brand name of Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

The logo is an extension of our brand, and our brand is a story. Our story.

Who we are and what we do is one part of that story; the combined experiences, feelings, and perceptions that our brand evokes the other. Let’s treasure our anecdote!


What comes to your mind when you see the word NUSATEK in maroon that is complemented with a grey oblong circle revolving around the letters of NUSA? If we look closely, there is a small dot that starts from the letter A where it actually resembles an embryo that represents the beginning of NUSATEK from among the smallest creatures, to be presently well known, locally and globally.

The logo initiator, Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Razali bin Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff said that it is a very dynamic logo and that is why the orbited dot begins at the letter A, meaning Alive! From the Arabic word, the letter A also represents a'laqah, which means “suspended thing”. This is what we can see, the cycle of suspension of the embryo, during the a’laqah stage, in the womb of a mother!

To begin with, the Maroon colour has a close resemblance to red-brown which is associated with the color of mother earth. In using red in business, red is a warm and positive color, a very physical color which draws attention to itself and calls for action to be taken. Psychologically, maroon creates more positive feelings towards the self and feelings of being independent that makes everyone in NUSATEK want to reward oneself on their hard work and enthusiasm.

NUSATEK unites our people to be motivated and energized towards becoming the Number One provider in testing and inspection services in Malaysia. The maroon NUSATEK indicates a well-disciplined red personality - one who has had challenging experiences and has not come through unmarked but who has grown and matured in the process.

Now, let’s have a look at the grey orbit. From a colour psychology perspective, grey is the colour of compromise - being neither black nor white, it is the transition between two non-colours. It is perceived as classic, refined, dignified, conventional, reliable and practical as well. Often associated with the grey hair and old age, it reflects perfectly the maturity and trustworthiness of NUSATEK!



Integrate seven letters of NUSATEK, it denotes;

“Our people unite in safe and sound approaches, grow lively being trustworthy, being knowledgeable and fully committed to provide the best services and be at the forefront of the business, always!”

The inspiring logo will tell a compelling story about our brand consistently. It is how our customers will remember us, and it is the way we will stand out in a crowded marketplace. It is how the most beloved brands are born.


A logo should tell a story. This is Our Story.




Nusantara Technologies Sdn Bhd (Co. Reg.: 187753-D) or known as Nusatek was established in 1991 and has grown dynamically from strength to strength to be a premier Malaysian testing and calibration company. It was incepted as a joint-venture company on 9th January 1991 between Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Razali bin Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff, a well-known Malaysian business entrepreneur, and Singapore Test Services Pte. Ltd. (STS), a member of the Singapore Technologies Group.

However, since 2012, Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Razali bin Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff bought over the shares held by STS so that Nusatek is now fully owned by Malaysians and is a Bumiputera controlled SME.


Quality, Safety and Trust – that is the basis of Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd., what it aims for and what we make as a practice every day.


As testimony of our commitment, Nusatek, which started from a small laboratory with only 3 employees, is now established in key locations in Malaysia to service our customers from diverse industries and also overseas customers, especially in oil and gas, transportation, power plant industries, as well as in steel structure fabrications.