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Nusantara Test Services Sdn. Bhd. (Nusatest) is an affiliate company of Nusantara Technologes Sdn. Bhd., specializes in Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection services, particularly Advanced NDT, and focuses its services at offshore, large-scale and long-term project based NDT services.

Nusatest, as it is commonly called, was established in 2008 to initially answer a need for a specialized unit of Nusatek catering to Advanced NDT; and large-scale and long-term NDT contracts. It has its head office in Kota Kemuning and workshop in Labuan. The company also has a yard in Bukit Kemuning.

Many years of experience as Nusatek’s NDT Division in the quality control and assurance field, with multinational customers and international locations, forms the foundation of confidence in Nusatest’s capabilities. From there, the company developed the skills and resources needed and further expanded into a fully-fledged company standing on its own.

Building on existing strengths and expertise, Nusatest aims to be the leader in the field regionally and be the best NDT inspection services provider. In addition, our close relationship with Nusatek’s other services compliments and allows us to provide a complete test and inspection package for customers.

Nusatest pledges to continuously provide premier Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection services to industries in the oil and gas, metal fabrication, construction, transport and utilities.



Managing Director  - Nusantara Test Services Sdn. Bhd.


Nazaruddin bin Dato’ Mohamed Razali was formerly employed in Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd., now heads Nusatest. He graduated from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics and holds a Diploma in Manufacturing Management from the FMM Institute of Manufacturing. He was formally trained and passed the examinations as a Lead Assessor for ISO 17025. He also passed the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) examinations for Health and Safety Officer Certificate. In addition to his Directorship in Nusatest, he is also the Head of Quality, Safety and Compliance; and Quality Manager, and Signatory for the Metrology Laboratory in Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd.



Nazaruddin Rahmat Muji bin Dato’ Mohamed RazaliManaging Director; ">; ">
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  Head Office

Nusantara Technologies Sdn. Bhd., 5, Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/45, Seksyen 31, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA

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+6 03 5122 9766

Industries Involved

  • Oil & Gas
  • Steel Fabricator
  • Steel Structure
  • Power Plant
  • Manufacturing
  • Automative
  • Transportation